A LIVESTREAM is a broadcast of a specific event.  This event is only broadcast "LIVE" as it happens. BOX5-TV does not offer DVR functionality and does not archive previous events. The event you are interested in is only available during the event.

What exactly am I getting for my BOX5-TV LIVESTREAM purchase?

A BOX5-TV LIVESTREAM grants you access to the specific event on the website you enrolled on. Please note that this is NOT a PPV subscription.

What web browsers do you recommend?

For the best viewing experience, we recommend using the most recent versions of Google Chrome & Safari 6+. Our streams are delivered HLS and compatible with all versions of IOS devices and some Android devices. Mobile browsers that support HLS are: Safari, Firefox, Chrome Mobile & Opera Mobile.  SMART TV'S ARE NOT SUPPORTED AT THIS TIME.

How can I get in contact with Customer Support?

You can get in touch with BOX5-TV Customer Support by clicking on the GET HELP tab at the top of your member area and submitting a ticket to our team. Please be patient as we will get to you as soon as we possibly can.  You can also send an email to support@box5.com

Can I share my login with anyone?

Sorry, but sharing your login is prohibited and we reserve the right to terminate your BOX5-TV account without refund should you do so. Only one mobile device or computer can be used to watch live events. If a viewer begins watching a live event from one device, that IP Address is logged and attached to that account. The IP tracking is per 24-hour period and will lock your account possibly preventing the user from watching the intended event. This tracking is done via IP address and lock outs are automatic.

Which devices support BOX5-TV LIVESTREAM?

Our live events are available on most devices. Please make sure that if you are trying to access via your mobile device, that you have a strong signal and the latest software updates on your devices.  We have found that some samsung devices using firefox have issues as well as most all smart tv browsers.  Xbox and Playstation user have found success with our streams, however, we cannot offer advice or support on these devices.

Can I watch on wifi or mobile device (4G LTE)?

While we do not recommend any user watching on their mobile device via wifi or cell service. We do offer these versions for your viewing pleasure. We can not support these versions as there are a great many variables involved with streaming via wifi and / or cell (4G LTE). With that said, we have a great many users that are able to successfully stream our content via wifi and cell (4G LTE).

What is the refund policy?

Review our terms and conditions in the TERMS of USE.